New treatment method

The rapid change in technology in Health in recent years is bringing about breakthroughs that bring many new treatments


Check and screen lesions by special application

Special application of Deep Clinics on the phone allows users to quickly check their own or loved ones' hurt,
Just take a picture or upload an artificial intelligence image (AI) that will be fast Rapid screening of lesions.
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Evaluate lesions and make treatment recommendations

As soon as the image is received, it will apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate the lesions and make treatment recommendations based on large data banks.
Data banks are Research results of many years of leading doctors in the field of dermatology cooperating with leading AI technology experts.
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Consult online with a health professional or visit a clinic

Based on the assessment and treatment recommendations, users can choose treatment options:
Online consultation with medical professionals
Directly to the clinic facility
224 Truong Chinh - Hoan Kiem Hanoi
224 Truong Chinh - Hoan Kiem Hanoi
Number 4, range NV3. House of cadres and cadres at Institute 103, Urban Van Quan, Ha Dong (at the end of Nguyen Khuyen Road).

DeepClinics App

  • Take photos of damaged skin. You can see the instructions for taking photos properly at the doctor's request at the specialist section.
  • Send photos of your skin lesions according to instructions on the web and phone applications, and report necessary medical information before consulting your doctor.
  • Based on the information you provide, doctors will send treatment instructions and notify you
  • During the treatment process, follow the instructions for treatment and follow-up schedule, update information as soon as there are abnormal signs (instructions and reminders on the application).