The rapid change of technology in Health in recent years is bringing spectacular breakthroughs and new treatments.

General digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular can finally help hospitals, organizations and medical enterprises get the highest customer satisfaction through accurate diagnosis and more detailed, high success rate of treatment in a short time, at the same time, providing better service and convenience for both customers and service providers.


"DeepClinics has been developed since 2016 with the mission of bringing in artificial intelligence technology (AI) to take care of medical problems related to dermatology, open wounds - burns, skin aesthetic care and Towards predicting - treating skin cancer. ”

With a team of doctors with many years of experience in the field of dermatology combined with leading experts in Artificial Intelligence technology (AI). In addition, we were empowered by experienced engineers from FPT Software, the enthusiastic support of Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nam (former General Director of FPT, FUNiX Online Principal), we has built the service with the purpose of best supporting the patients, to help the community to live a healthier life. We not only have direct clinics but also 24/7 Online clinics, support to welcome patients anytime, anywhere.

DeepClinics expects to improve the quality of life of every Vietnamese citizen in the field of dermatology in particular and the health sector in general.

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